Issue 3

Issue 3 of Ant Keeper Magazine has just been released! If you haven't ordered your copy yet, be sure to visit one of our great retailers or order here.

Ant Keeper Magazine is the leading magazine for ant keepers worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or experienced keeper, there is something for everyone. This full-colour, quarterly publication is available in print or online, and features interesting, in-depth articles from expert, interviews with prominent figures in the field, species profiles, product reviews and more.

Issue 1 is due out this winter, so please check back here for further details, to be released soon.

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We've made some changes to the website and upgraded our subscriptions system. Hopefully, this will iron out some of the technical issues we have experienced (sorry about those).

Another great feature we've added is the option to pay in US dollars! So many of our readers are based in North America, we hope that this will help out ant lovers over there. We do have plans to extend the range of currencies we are able to accept.

Issue 3 is out now so make sure you get your copy, either online or in print and watch this space for further news and updates!