The Camponotus nicobarensis ant colony, the Knickerbocker Glories, seem to be more active at the moment. I’ve been feeding them a bit more frequently to try and grow them on. I’ve got to give their set up a good old spring clean and consider our options for their move. I’d really love to get everything in the one unit, so I’m considering a tank set up with a nest attached to the side so we can see the queen and brood again. Important features apart from that will be:

  • accessibility so they can be filmed
  • practicality so they’re easy to clean 
  • a good environment to keep my girls happy

At the moment, they have three - yes, three! - types of nest available to them (currently ytong, 3D printed and acrylic), but I’m planning on getting everything into the one tank, so I have to choose one. So will it be ytong, acrylic or natural? If you’re also considering which nest is best for YOUR colony, have a look at the article on choosing the best nest in Issue 5

Stay tuned for more Knickerbocker updates and details on which nest I choose!