Colony name: Currently unnamed

Species: Lasius niger

Queen: Currently unnamed


This 2020-caught colony has been doing really well. They’re in a test tube in an Ant Kit x Eden Formicaria outworld and the workers (around 20) are really getting active now. They’ve climbed up as high as the top of the tank before slipping down thanks to the PTFE (phew!). I have a second test tube in there in the hopes that they’ll move, but they seem to like their revolting mouldy one. There’s growing pile of brood and the queen is laying plenty of eggs. I put in what I thought was a dead fruit fly, but it had obviously just been stunned. It was recovering and preparing to take off but a worker found it, after much random running around, missing it (oooh, good antTV, right there!). She took down that fruit fly like a champ, even though it was bigger than her.