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Issue 7 is full of awesome articles, interesting interviews, and more. In this issue, we focus on various aspects of ant care, including formicarium maintenance with Evangelos from Ants Vienna and how to raise feeder insects for your ants. We also interview photographer and educator Eduard Florin Niga and share with you his top tips for showing off the best side of your chitinous pets. Our science update looks at the evidence of personalities in ants and how that is demonstrated. Finally, we discuss nuptial flights and what they mean for ant keepers. Don’t forget our regular sections, including species profiles, ant keeper juniors, and puzzles too! Make sure you order yours now () to be shipped straight to your door today!



Formicarium Maintenance

Do Ants Have Personalities?

An Interview with Photographer Eduard Florin Niga

Raising Feeder Insects for Your Ants

Nuptial Flights for Ant Keepers

Species Profile: Myrmecia pyriformis

Species Profile: Myrmecocystus mimicus

Ant Keepers Junior



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Issue 7 is due out soon and, as usual, is packed full of great ant keeping news and information!


The contents for this issue includes:

Raising feeder insects for your ants

Science focus: Do ants have personalities?

Nuptial flights and getting started

An interview with Eduardo Florin Niga (Photographer)

Best practice formicarium maintenance with Ants Vienna

plus our usual internet roundup, species profiles, puzzles, and more!


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