Where to Buy?


Ant Keeper Magazine is available in print and online, either as single issues or as a great value subscription. The magazine can be purchased either from our Buy Now page, or through one of our amazing partners (listed below)!


The premier one-stop superstore for ants in Canada. The Ant Collective sells all the top brands of ant gear!



 Get everything you need to house, accessorise, feed, read about and show off your ants from Die Ameisen Boutique in Germany!

United Kingdom

 A UK site that also sells well-designed 3D printed nests, outworlds and accessories.

A UK-based supplier of ants and jellies.

  A UK ant superstore selling everything from single mated queens to larger colonies, formicaria, food, accessories, outworlds and more! For anything and everything your ants might need.


 LC Ants is a specialist supplier of leaf cutter ants, as well as solenopsis-proof acrylic and handcrafted ytong nests.