Ant Keeper Magazine is the leading magazine for ant keepers worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or experienced keeper, there is something for everyone. This full-colour, quarterly publication is available in print or online, and features interesting, in-depth articles from expert, interviews with prominent figures in the field, species profiles, product reviews and more.

Issue 1 is due out this winter, so please check back here for further details, to be released soon.

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After the success of our inaugural issue of Ant Keeper Magazine, we’re delighted to announce the advent of our second issue. Packed full of interesting and informative articles from scientists, expert keepers and other leading figures in the world of ant keeping, Ant Keeper Magazine keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in the hobby.

Leaf-Cutting Ants: in Nature, in Captivity, in Focus!
Ant Keeping in Science Centres and Museums
Taxonomy, Ants, and Computers
Formica rufibarbis: a Species in Danger
An Interview with Robert Fuentalba Ojeda

Regular sections:
Species Profile: Acromyrmex octospinosus
Internet Roundup
Product Reviews

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