Issue 3

Issue 3 of Ant Keeper Magazine has just been released! If you haven't ordered your copy yet, be sure to visit one of our great retailers or order here.

Ant Keeper Magazine is the leading magazine for ant keepers worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or experienced keeper, there is something for everyone. This full-colour, quarterly publication is available in print or online, and features interesting, in-depth articles from expert, interviews with prominent figures in the field, species profiles, product reviews and more.

Issue 1 is due out this winter, so please check back here for further details, to be released soon.

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We're currently putting together Issue 5, but it's set to be yet another fANTastic issue, packed full of great content for ant keepers the world over.

If you've read the first four issues, we hope that you've enjoyed them. The articles are all written by people with a passion for ants, whether they are ant keepers or entomologists. Even our Editor is an ant keeper and is rarely found without spare test tubes during nuptial flight season!

We hope that our readers from issues 1-4 will join us for Issue 5, available, as ever, electronically AND in print, by single issue or subscription!

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The long-awaited Issue 4 has been released into the wild! We were delighted to announce recently on our Instagram and Facebook pages that Ant Keeper Magazine is read by keepers in an amazing 22 countries worldwide! Hard copies of the magazine have been shipping out all over the world with FREE colour posters for everyone who purchased a print copy of the  magazine. Electronic version readers also have access to the issue, which is, as always, packed full of great ant keeping content. Have you got your copy yet? If you have ordered yours, don't worry, it's not too late! You can buy it as single issues or save money with a subscription and choose from print or online versions. Just order here. You can also order the magazine from one of our great retailers: The Ant Collective in Canada, LC Ants, British Ants, Clavata and Antz for All in the UK and Die Ameisen-Boutique in Germany.


  • Saving our species: keeping native species
  • Colony foundation strategies
  • Leafcutter keeping made simple
  • Why ants make great pets
  • An interview with Baptiste Ben
  • Species profile: Camponotus singularis
  • Species profile: Lasius niger
  • Internet roundup
  • Science focus
  • Product reviews

All print copies of Issue 4 will be sent out with a stunning full-colour A2 poster of a Pachycondyla crassinoda worker. These will be sent folded as standard. However, if you're anything like us, you may want a flat poster to frame on the wall, because, let's face it, it's a gorgeous poster! So we're offering everyone who has purchased or wants to purchase Issue 4 as a single issue or as part of a subscription the opportunity to upgrade their postal options and receive their poster rolled in a tube. The magazine will also be rolled up in the tube. 

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